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100 Years of the County Library - All the Facts
100 Things Challenge
Favorite Books

Centennial Celebration: 1912-2012

On September 5, 1912, the Board of Supervisors of the County of Los Angeles voted to create the Los Angeles County Free Library. We invite you to celebrate our rich history with us as we look forward to another 100 years (and more) of service to the residents of Los Angeles County.

Join in the celebration by learning a new fact about the County Library every day, telling us about your favorite books, submitting a photo or video to our 100 Things Challenge, or attending a birthday party at your community library. More information and opportunities will be posted throughout the summer as we countdown to our Centennial.

Join the 100 Things Challenge

100 things challenge

Take a photo or a video of 100 things. It can be anything:

  • a photograph of 100 puppies
  • 100 drawings of mustaches
  • a 100-year-old person holding 100 flowers
  • anything you can imagine!

You could make a video of...

  • 100 objects
  • 100 second video about 100 books
  • a mini movie about 100 ways to say hello

Post your photo or video on the web and submit your entry here.

See the entries so far!

Read the official challenge rules.

100 Favorite Books of All Time

Help us compile a Centennial List, the 100 all-time favorite books of LA County Public Library Readers. You can submit up to three titles which over the years have become your favorite books of all time. Ask for a form at your community library or enter your titles here.

The Centennial List will feature the top 100 favorite books of readers in Los Angeles County.

Birthday Party!!

Help us celebrate!

Join us for a County-wide celebration on September 8 at EVERY County Library. Refreshments will be served!

Click here to find events in your area.

This Week's Facts

See all the facts so far!

See all the facts so far!