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100 Years of the County Library - All the Facts
100 Things Challenge
Favorite Books


Congratulations to the winners of the 100 Things Challenge! Thanks to everyone who entered for sharing your creativity and helping us celebrate the first 100 years of the County of Los Angeles Public Library.



We couldn't choose just one of the kid's entries, all of these are so much fun!

Sebastien selected his favorite 100 books and set them up on his "reading" rug. He also brought his little friends and his german shepherd to whom he reads to to be part of the photo. This is his shot that represents 100 things.


Natalia thinks that 100 Books are good to read!


100 fingers! from Neila


Jessica made this picture during story time and placed each item in a circle so that she could count to 100 by tens.


Tiffany created this colorful artwork with 100 crayons!


Vincente: 100 Books and Me.