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Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2013

The County of Los Angeles Public Library is a special fund department under the jurisdiction of the County Board of Supervisors. A 20-member Library Commission acts as an advisory board to the Library. The Library is financed primarily by a dedicated share of property tax from the service area, with other revenues including a general fund contribution, a parcel tax, grants, and fees. Budgeted expenditures are $34.44 per capita for fiscal year 2012/13. Supplemental funds are raised by the Los Angeles County Public Library Foundation. The County Public Library serves 50 of the 88 cities and most unincorporated areas in the County of Los Angeles. The Library belongs to the South State Cooperative Library System, and is an affiliate member of the Southern California Library Cooperative (SCLC).

Size 3,032 sq. mi.
Total Operating Expenditures $114,946,994
Materials $8,180,464
Population Served 3,337,421
Annual  Circulation 15,326,309
Reference & Information Questions 7,346,389
Registered Borrowers 3,116,397
Internet Customer Usage Sessions 2,481,269
Gate Count 11,783,492
Service Facilities  
Regional & Community Libraries 85
Institutional Library 1
Bookmobiles 3
In-Library Use of Items 4,550,564
Materials Collection 6,048,903 Items
939,701 Titles
Books 5,049,270 Volumes
759,025 Titles
Periodicals 7,260 Print Subscriptions
Government Publications 27,921
Audio-visual Materials  
Audio Materials 315,427
Video 670,668
Other AV 2,474
CD-ROMs 1,259
Databases 36
Items Added to Library Collection 465,101
Catalogued Books 368,459 Volumes
22,084 Titles
Adult & Young Adult 5,085 Programs
76,159 Attendance
Children's 15,033 Programs
428,889 Attendance
Federal 1
State 1
Homework Centers 41
Staff 1,442
FTE 1,094
Volunteers 1,769
Hours Worked 91,494
Friends of the Library Groups 78
Members 6,028