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Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Asian Pacific American Authors
Celebrating the Cultural Heritage of Los Angeles County

Bulosan, Carlos
Chang, Iris
Chang, Leonard *
Chin, Frank *
Chiu, Tony *
Chong, Denise
Choy, Bong Youn
Chun, Pam *
Fong-Torres, Ben
Fukuyama, Francis
Furutani, Dale *
Gerritsen, Tess *
Hagedorn, Jessica Tarahata *
Hayslip, Le Ly
Hongo, Garrett
Houston, Jeanne Wakatsuki
Hwang, David Henry
Inada, Lawson Fusao
Jen, Gish *
Jin, Ha *
Kadohata, Cynthia
Kawabata, Yasunari *
Kingston, Maxine Hong *
Kiyosaki, Robert
Lee, C.Y. *
Lee, Chang-rae *
Lee, Don *
  Lee, Gus
Lee, Li-Young
Lee, Mary Paik
Lin, Yutang
Liu, Aimee *
Lord, Bette *
Louie, David Wong *
McCunn, Ruthanne Lum *
Massey, Sujata *
Matsuoka, Takashi *
Min, Anchee *
Mishima, Yukio *
Mori, Kyoko
Mura, David
Ozeki, Ruth *
Rowland, Laura Joh *
Santos, Bienvenido
See, Lisa *
Sucharitkul, Somtow * (also as S.P. Somtow)
Tan, Amy *
Tran, Thi Nga
Tsukiyama, Gail *
Yamamoto, Hisaye
Yamanaka, Lois-Ann *
Yoshikawa, Eiji *

* Authors listed in Novelist, an online resource for book reviews, links to related websites, reading group guides and more.

Compiled by Wenwen Zhang
Asian Pacific Resource Center Librarian
April 2005

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Revised 09/11

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