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Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Hawaii and Samoa Titles
A Selected List


Pacific Diaspora - Island Peoples in the United States and Across the Pacific 2002.

They Followed the Trade Winds African Americans in Hawaii edited by Miles M. Jackson. 2002.

The Samoa Islands by Augustin Kramer. 1995.

Native American Estate: The Struggle Over Indian and Hawaiian Lands by Linda S. Parker. 1996.

Tattoo Road Trip: Two Weeks in Samoa by Robert E. Baxter. 2002.

Tattoo: Bodies, Art, and Exchange in the Pacific and the West edited by Nicholas Thomas, Anna Cole, Bronwen Douglas. 2005.

Field Guide to the Samoan Archipelago: Fish, Wildlife, and Protected Areas by Meryl Rose Goldin. 2002.

Travellers' Wildlife Guides: Hawaii by Les Beletsky. 2006.

Hawaiian Country Tables: Vintage Recipes for Today's Cook by Kaui Philpotts. 1998.

Tastes and Flavors of the Big Island 2005.

Tastes and Flavors of Maui 2005.

Unbearably Good! Mochi Lovers' Cookbook compiled by Teresa DeVirgilio-Lam. 1999.

Artists / Hawaii by Joan Clarke and Diane Dods. 1996.

Pacific Jewelry and Adornment by Roger Neich. 2004.

Samoan Art and Artists = O Measina a Samoa by Sean Mallon. 2002.

N-a Lei Makame = The Treasured Lei by Marie A. McDonald and Paul R. Weissich. 2003.

Pacific Tapa by Roger Neich. 2004.

Na Mele Hula: A Collection of Hawaiian Hula Chants compiled by Nona Beamer. 1987.

Island Fire: An Anthology of Literature from Hawai'i edited by Cheryl A. Harstad and James R. Harstad. 2002.

Leaving Paradise: Indigenous Hawaiians in the Pacific Northwest, 1787-1898 by Jean Barman and Bruce McIntyre Watson. 2006.


The History of the Sons of Hawaii (DVD, 80 min., 2004).

The Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar of Ledward Kaapana (DVD, 80 min., 2005).

The Art of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Taught by Keola Beamer. (DVD, 80 min., 2004).

Music CD's

Hawaiian Wedding Music 2006.

Revised by Linda Fernandes
Asian Pacific Resource Center Librarian

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