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Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
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Notable Asian Americans

The following is a list of Asian Americans whose achievements were outstanding and their contributions to history were unique. Many more could be listed, but we only mentioned the more frequently asked personalities.

Michael Chang
Tennis Player; won 6 majors, won the French Open, 1989; was ranked #2 in the world in 1996.
Steven Chu
Nobel Prize Winner in physics, 1997.
Connie Chung
ABC News Correspondent; won three Emmy awards; joined CNN cable network for primetime anchor in 2002.
David Ho
Medical Scientist; named Time Man of the Year, 1996; found an AIDS treatment to be used in the first weeks of infection.
Michelle Kwan
Figure Skater; world champion.
Sammy Lee
Athlete, Physician; the first American-born Asian to win an Olympic gold medal in platform diving,1948.
Tsung-Dao Lee
Scientist, Physicist; won the Nobel Prize in physics with Chen Ning Yang,1957.
Yuan T. Lee
Chemist; shared the Nobel Prize for chemistry with Dudley R. Herschbach, 1986.
Yama Lin
Architect; designers of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
Yo-Yo Ma
Cellist; Winner of 1998 Best Classical Album Grammy Award.
Ellison Onizuka
Astronaut, NASA; participated in mission STS 51-L, Challenger, 1985.
Amy Tan
Author of Joy Luck Club and other books.
Chang-Lin Tien
Educator; former Chancellor of UC Berkeley.
Samuel Ting
Nobel Prize Winner in Physics, 1976.
Tiger Woods
Golfer; won 6 majors, won the Masters 1997; the Masters and Grand Slam, 2001; and currently ranked 1 in PGA.
Kristi Yamaguchi
Figure Skater; Olympic Gold Medallist, 1992.
Jerry Yang
Co-founder of Yahoo.com, 1994.