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Downloadable Audiobooks - What do I need?

  • A County Library card in good standing
  • A device or computer to listen to the audiobooks on (more on this below)
  • Access to the Internet - you can even use the County Library Wi-Fi (in some cases)

Audiobooks from OverDrive

OverDrive has a selection of audiobooks available in MP3 and WMA formats.

Just download the audiobook to your computer and transfer it to your device using the OverDrive Media Console, or you can download directly to a mobile device using an OverDrive App!

Check to make sure your device is in the list of compatible devices.

How does it work?

Download to Windows/PC (and transfer)
You can download both MP3 and WMA files to your PC, and transfer them to your player if you wish. Learn more.
Remember to check if your device is compatible.
Download to your mobile device
The OverDrive Media Consule lets you download MP3 audiobooks to your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android Phone or Tablet, and Blackberry. Get the app and learn how (1 page pdf).
Download to your Mac computer (and transfer)
You can download MP3 audiobooks on your Mac computer, and then transfer them to your Apple player. Learn how.

Need help?

Audiobooks from OneClickdigital

Audiobooks from OneClickdigital can be downloaded to your computer, and then transferred to a portable device. iPod, iPad, and iPhone users can download directly to their device using the OneClickdigital App after creating an OneClickdigital account.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for an OneClickdigital account. Learn how: read a one page document or watch a video.
  2. Get a OneClickdigital Media Manager for PC or Mac, or download the OneClickdigital App to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
  3. Find a book, check it out, and download it.
  4. Return books early using the OneClickdigital Media Manager.
Download to Windows PC (and transfer)
Download the OneClickdigital Media Manager for PC. Find an audiobook, check it out, and download it. If you use Windows Media Player, the audiobook will transfer to your supported device. If you use iTunes, the audiobook will transfer to your Apple device.
Download to Mac (and transfer)
Download the OneClickdigital Media Manager for Mac from the Mac App Store. Find an audiobook, check it out, and download it. The audiobook will transfer to your Apple device via iTunes.
Download directly to an Apple device - OneClickdigital Mobile App
iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users can download the OneClickdigital App from the Apple Store. You will need to create an OneClickdigital account on a computer before using the App.

Need Help?

  1. Click on the "Help" tab in OneClickdigital. You will find video tutorials, help on devices, and FAQs.
  2. Contact OneClickdigital's support team.
  3. Contact us