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Diamond Jubilee: Seventy Five Years of Public Service X. Chronology

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1912 The Library was established by resolution of the Board of Supervisors. Celia Gleason appointed first County Librarian.
1913 First Library headquarters set up at the Hall of Records, First community library opened at Willowbrook. Service to institutions started.
1916 Professional library work came under Civil Service Regulations.
1921 Library headquarters moved to Hall of Records Annex. First transportation equipment purchased.
1923 First community library opened in a County-owned building (Lancaster).
1926 Library school training required of librarians. Newmark Method of circulation replaced the Browne Pocket Charging System. First comprehensive library procedures manual. Books and Notes founded (published through 1955). First monthly staff meetings.
1927 First Reorganization (divisions created). Staff Association founded. First children's librarian appointed.
1928 St. Francis Dam burst, destroying two branches and drowning many patrons.
1929 First "regional operation" set up, with Lancaster as the sub-center for outlets in the Antelope Valley. "Property Man" appointed to head facilities division.
1931 Summer Reading Program started.
1932 Name changed from "Free Library" to "Public Library." Five-day, forty-hour work week established. Seven-year fiscal crisis began due to the Depression.
1933 Earthquake destroyed one branch and damaged others.
1934 Detroit Self-Charging System replaced the Newmark Method. Circulation reached the highest point it would attain for the next eighteen years.
1935 First County Library Advisory Committee organized. Staff Newsreel began publication (through 1939).
1936 Weekly truck express established to eighty-five libraries.
1937 25th Anniversary. Library headquarters moved to 322 South Broadway.
1940 The Messenger published (through 1943). Five-step salary schedule adopted.
1941 First Personnel Assistant appointed.
1942 Library Book Breakfast began.
1943 Pioneering "Classification and Pay Plan."
1946 Division of Work with Schools transferred to the Office of County Superintendent of Schools.
1947 News Letter of the Los Angeles County Public Library began publication (1947-63).
1948 Signature charging method adopted. Second County-owned library building opened (Lennox).
1949 Bookmobile service began.
1950 First ten-year building program adopted.
1951 Torrance and Lennox joined Lancaster as "regional operations" (Bellflower became the fourth in 1953).
1952 First book catalog (a children's catalog). Reference course for paraprofessionals started.
1955 First "master" book catalog.
1956 Bookstock reached one million volumes.
1957 Second Reorganization (regionalization). Library's tax rate limitation increased from ten to thirty cents. Accumulated Capital Outlay Fund created. First Friends of the Library group founded (at Claremont).
1959 Regional Library Councils organized.
1961 First Regional Headquarters Library dedicated (West Covina).
1962 Fiftieth Anniversary. Library headquarters moved to the new Hall of Records, 320 West Temple Street.
1963 Bookstock reached two million volumes. Progress (1963-78) replaced the News Letter as the Library's news organ. Librarians and Library Assistants voted to join Los Angeles County Employees Association.
1964 Library received first Library Services and Construction Act (LSCA) funds.
1966 Government publications program began at depository libraries.
1968 The "Way Out" Project (first service-to-the-underserved grant).
1970 Vesta Bruner Scholarship Fund established. First union contract negotiated.
1971 Fiscal crisis caused by legislative tax freeze. Earthquake did little damage.
1972 Library Affirmative Action Committee formed.
1975 "Access Study" started revolution in the Library's access system, beginning with the first COM (Computer-Output-Microform) catalog the following year.
1976 Third Reorganization (consolidation). Books-by Mail service began.
1977 "Planning Institute" held. PRR (Personnel Resources Report) formulated first Library Activity Index of community library usage.
1978 Fiscal crisis caused by Jarvis Initiative. Language Learning Centers established. South State Cooperative Library System created.
1979 "On-Line" ordering system introduced. CALL founded.
1982 Bookstock reached five million volumes. Library Foundation established.
1983 Library headquarters moved to Downey (the first designed specifically for the needs of the Library!). "Plan-of-Service" Goals initiated at the libraries. L.A. Co-op founded. Los Angeles County Public Library Newsletter (1983-    ) began publication.
1985 Working Groups formed to plan for Automated Circulation System. Update (1985-  ) established for internal staff communication.
1986 First Compact Disk (CD ROM) catalog. Training budget first assigned to each Region.
1987 Fourth Reorganization (span-of-control streamlined). Circulation topped twelve million annually. "Strategic Planning" initiated. User survey showed 95% satisfaction rate. Seventy-Fifth Anniversary.

Diamond Jubilee:
Seventy Five Years of Public Service
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