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The City of Malibu is partnering with the Malibu Library to offer a speaker series in Malibu. The series, which is free and open to the public, features an array of renowned authors and public speakers who will expose their audiences to some of the greatest thoughts, insights and influential minds of our time.

Upcoming Speakers

Wed, Nov 19, 7:00 PM
Malibu Library Speaker Series Presents Jodi Hilty

Dr Jodi Ann Hilty

Since 2007, Dr. Jodi Ann Hilty has been providing leadership on the scientific applications utilized to address four major natural resource management and conservation issues across North America. These areas include promoting healthy communities to sustain a healthy environment, identifying and protecting wildlife corridors allowing species room to roam, reducing the threats of natural resource extraction and addressing the myriad of challenges climate change poses to wildlife and wild places.

Overseeing a staff of 60 working in some of the most remote locations, Dr. Hilty promotes the active engagement of WCS in the larger scientific and conservation communities, strengthens partnerships with agencies and organizations, and cultivates the next generation of conservation science leaders. Trained as a conservation biologist at the University of California, Berkley, her passion is focused on finding creative, science-based solutions to resolve critical conflicts between humans and the natural world.

Reservations are required. Call the Malibu Library at (310) 456-6438 to RSVP.

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