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Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

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History of National Native American Heritage Month

National Native American Heritage Month celebrates the culture, contributions and heritage of Native Americans. For many years, Native Americans and others proposed that a special day be set aside to honor Native Americans. The efforts to establish a day of recognition has resulted in a month being designated for the purpose. Since 1976, the Presidents of the United States and Congressional resolutions have proclaimed a day, week or month of recognition. For more information please visit the Library of Congress' Native American Heritage Month site.

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Haramokngna American Indian Cultural Center

Red Box, Angeles Crest Highway and Mt. Wilson Rd. 12 miles north of La Cañada

Located in the Angeles National Forest, the Haramokngna American Indian Cultural Center is a dream come true for many in the greater Los Angeles area. Haramokngna means "The Place Where People Gather" in the Tongva language. It is a place where Native American people can gather to share their culture, history, heritage and dreams with their families, brothers and sisters from other Native groups and the general public.

The Center is a cooperative effort between the Angeles National Forest and Ne'ayuh ("friends" in Tongva), a non-profit Native organization formed to provide programs and events at the center. The current Saturday Guest Host programs are provided with a grant from the Liberty Hill Foundation.

Haramokngna welcomes all visitors who share this yearning for a connection to the mountains and a thirst for knowledge and understanding of Native ways.

For more information call (626) 449-8975 or (310) 455-1588.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Reading Lists

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Native American Heritage Month Events