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Celebrate National Native American Heritage Month
November 2014

American Indians of California

with an Emphasis on
the Tribes of the Greater Los Angeles Area

A Selected Bibliography
Prepared by Michael McLaughlin
American Indian Resource Center Librarian

Before the Wilderness: Environmental Management by Native Californians
By Thomas C. Blackburn and Kat Anderson
Time's Flotsam: Overseas Collections of California Indian Material Culture
By Thomas C. Blackburn
The Earth is Our Mother: A Guide to the Indians of California, Their Locales and Historic Sites
By Dolan Eargle
Living Traditions: A Museum Guide for Native American People of California
By Richard Keeling
A Time of Little Choice: The Disintegration of Tribal Culture in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1769-1810
By Randall Milliken
California Indians: Primary Resources: A Guide to Manuscripts, Artifacts, Documents, Serials, Music, and Illustrations
By Sylvia Brakke Vane
The Way We Lived: California Indian Stories, Songs & Reminiscences
By Malcolm Margolin


The Cahuilla Landscape: The Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains
By Lowell John Bean
Temalpakh (from the Earth); Cahuilla Indian Knowledge and Usage of Plants
By Lowell John Bean
Cahuilla Tribe
By Mary Null Boulé
The Cahuilla Indians of the Colorado Desert: Ethnohistory and Prehistory


A Revised, Annotated Bibliography of the Chumash and Their Predecessors
By Eugene N Anderson
December's Child: A Book of Chumash Oral Narratives
By Thomas C. Blackburn
Chumash Tribe
By Mary Null Boulé
California's Chumash Indians: A Project of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Education Center
By Jetty St. John
Indians of Mission Santa Barbara in Paganism and Christianity
By Maynard J. Geiger
Tomol: Chumash Watercraft as Described in the Ethnographic Notes of John P. Harrington
By John Peabody Harrington
Marine Archaeology Along the Southern California Coast
By Travis Hudson
Crystals in the Sky: An Intellectual Odyssey Involving Chumash Astronomy, Cosmology, and Rock Art
By Travis Hudson
Chumash: A Picture of their World
By Bruce W Miller


A New Original Version of Boscana's Historical Account of the San Juan Capistrano Indians of Southern California
By Geronimo Boscana and John P. Harrington
Juañeno-Luiseño Tribe
By Mary Null Boulé


Gabrielino Tribe
By Mary Null Boulé
California's Gabrielino Indians
By Bernice Johnston
Yang-na Indians
By the Los Angeles City School District
The First Angelinos: The Gabrielino Indians of Los Angeles
By William McCawley
The Gabrielino
By Bruce W. Miller
The Indians of Los Angeles County: Hugo Reid's Letters of 1852
By Hugo Reid
Los Angeles-Long Beach Harbor Areas Prehistory and Early History
By E. Gary Stickel