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Early Literacy Skills

Sharing books, playing games, singing songs, and talking to your child are all ways to give your baby or toddler the skills they need to become successful readers. Hover your mouse over each of the words listed below to see a description of what each activity can do for you and your child.


Read a book with your baby, point to a picture and say what it is. You can make reading part of everyday - at bath times, at bed times, in a car, or in a waiting room.

Babies love rhymes. Build your baby's words by using simple rhymes. Your baby will enjoy the rhythm and lots of expression in your voice.

Find simple colorful pictures of objects and people. Choose a wall or bulletin board to tape the pictures up. Pick a place that your baby sees often. Point to an object and name it. Your baby begins building vocabulary!

Play is crucial for a child's social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth. It's a child's way of learning about his body and the world. Through play, your child will exercise key skills and qualities, such as independence, creativity, curiosity, and problem-solving.

You don't have to have a great voice to sing with your baby! Songs are a great way to help babies build words.

Research has shown that babies crave physical contact and emotional engagement. Hugs, kisses, and massage can help bonding with your baby.

Libraries offer a warm and safe environment for parents to meet and talk to other parents. Librarians can help families choose developmentally appropriate materials for children and access to information about community resources for families.

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