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Books for Grades 2 & 3

Click on the links below to find out if these books are available at your local County Library. If not, place them on hold, and they'll be delivered to your Library where you can pick them up.

book jacket
by Dianna Aston
This lesson about eggs is a lesson about life.
by Eve Bunting
Farah gains confidence on a school trip to an apple orchard.

book jacket
by Dori Hillestad Butler
While searching for his mysteriously lost human family, Buddy the dog is adopted by another family and helps solve the mystery of their missing boy. Part of a series.
book jacket
by Betsy Byars
Memories Expressed in Our Writing has gathered cats from all over the world for a night of storytelling.
book jacket
by Judy Cox
3rd-grader Fran learns to train her new puppy and tries to win the part of princess in the school play.
book jacket
by Kate DiCamillo
Two roller-skating best friends--one tiny, one tall--share three adventures
book jacket
by Karen English
The 3rd graders form a new club that doesn’t include the new girl in the classroom. The first of a series.
book jacket
by Paul Fleischman
Different versions of Cinderella all come together.
book jacket
by Douglas Florian
Trees are celebrated in this book with poems ranging from the Weeping Willow to the Baobab tree.
book jacket
by Patricia Reilly Giff
When Destiny cannot think of a discovery during Discovery Week, she makes up a story, but can’t keep on pretending it’s true. Part of a series.
book jacket
by Nikki Grimes
Spunky third-grader Dyamonde Daniel misses her old neighborhood, but when she befriends a boy named Free, another new student at school, she finally starts to feel at home. Part of a series.
book jacket
by Katherine Hannagan
Everything and everyone in the town of Neatasapin is tidy, except Emmaline who likes to dig in dirt and jump in puddles.
book jacket
by Isabella Hatkoff
An orphaned hippo and a 130-year-old tortoise share a special bond.
book jacket
by Ralph Helfer
Bram and his circus elephant, Modoc, grow up side by side.
book jacket
by Steve Jenkins
Discover how dangerous an animal can be when it feels threatened or trapped.
book jacket
by Barbara Kerley
Susy Clemens wants the world to know that her papa, Mark Twain, is more than just a humorist and sets out to write a biography of her famous father.
book jacket
by Dick King-Smith
A family of mice moves to a friendlier home to escape a dangerous cat.
book jacket
by Suzy Kline
A series of mysteries that Harry and his friends solve.
book jacket
by Laura Kvasnosky
A series of books about the daring adventures of two fox sisters.
book jacket
by Jim LaMarche
Three stories about being lost, being found, finding home, and, most importantly, about the dogs that help us find the way.
book jacket
by Ellen Levine
Henry Brown frees himself by shipping himself in a box.
book jacket
by Lois Lowry
Gooney Bird has quite a few stories to tell, and they are “absolutely true.” Part of a series.
book jacket
by Meghan McCarthy
The biography of a weakling who grew into a giant amongst men.
book jacket
by Megan McDonald
During a weekend trip to an island, Judy and Stink Moody take part in a pirate treasure-hunting game. Part of a series.
book jacket
by Claudia Mills
Oliver and Claudia, 3rd graders, are assigned a diorama of the solar system, and Oliver insists on including the former planet, Pluto.
book jacket
by Walter Dean Myers
Jeremy sets out to discover all of the different "people" that make him who he is, including brother, son, writer, and runner.
book jacket
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
A sleepover inspires Sarah, who likes to do things differently, to choose Mexico for her "Countries of the World" presentation. A “Simply Sarah” series book.
book jacket
by Lucy Nolan
The dog, Down Girl, explains about her days protecting her home from the enemy next door, Here Kitty Kitty, and the many ways she tries to properly train her master, Rruff. A “Down Girl and Sit” series book.
book jacket
by Mary Pope Osborne
A series of books about the time travel adventures of Annie and Jack.
book jacket
by Sara Pennypacker
A series of books about 8-year-old Clementine who lives in an apartment house.
book jacket
by Mitali Perkins
Naimi disguises herself as a boy to help her family.
book jacket
by Bob Raczka
Haiku describing things guys do all year ‘round.
book jacket
by Mark Reibstein
Wabi Sabi, a cat living in the city of Kyoto, asks various animals the meanings of their names.
book jacket
by Alice Schertle
A collection of 3 stories on the adventures of Jeremy Bean, full of laughs and fun.
book jacket
by Joyce Sidman
Poems that celebrate the natural world after dark.
book jacket
by Judy Sierra
"Parasite Lost" and "Leap Halloween" are two of the amusingly spooky rhymes offered to readers in this Halloween-inspired poetry collection.
book jacket
by Geronimo Stilton
A series of books about a brave and resourceful journalist mouse.
book jacket
by Melissa Thomsen
Keena and her second-grade class go on a field trip to the United States Capitol where they meet a congressman and Keena makes a big impression, which she documents in her new journal. Part of a series.
book jacket
by Judith Viorst
Lulu's parents refuse to give in when she demands a brontosaurus for her birthday and so she sets out to find her own, but while the brontosaurus she finally meets approves of pets, he does not intend to be Lulu's.
book jacket
by Steve Voake
Daisy wants to swim in the local pond, but it starts to rain.