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Books for Grades 6 & 7

Click on the links below to find out if these books are available at your local County Library. If not, place them on hold, and they'll be delivered to your Library where you can pick them up.

book jacket
by Tony Abbott
A middle school boy's life is changed when a girl disfigured by burns starts attending his school while receiving treatment at a local hospital.
book jacket
by Peter Abrahams
An avid Sherlock Holmes fan, eighth-grader Ingrid Levin-Hill is kidnapped while investigating mysterious happenings in her home town.
book jacket
by Jennifer Allison
During the summer before ninth grade, intrepid Gilda Joyce visits the mansion of a distant cousin where she uses her skills to solve the mystery of the mansion's boarded-up tower.
book jacket
by Avi
Twelve-year-old twins Meg and Edward have nothing in common so they as shocked as everyone else when Meg's hopes for popularity and Edward's mischievous schemes coincidentally collide.
book jacket
by Elise Broach
Named after a character in a Shakespeare play, misfit sixth-grade Hero becomes interested in exploring her new house, intriguing neighbor, and the unexpected attention of the most popular boy in school.
book jacket
by Kevin Brockmeier
After a seventh-grader discovers that the grooves in his Thigpen-brand blue jeans are encoded with a cry for help, he sets out to save the factory workers from greedy entrepreneur Howard Thigpen.
book jacket
by Joseph Bruchac
After being taught that the Navajo language is useless, Ned Begay and other Navajo men are recruited to send messages during World War II in their native tongue.
book jacket
by Andrea Cheng
An all-American girl with Chinese ancestors and a new immigrant from China find little in common when they meet, but they are both missing their best friends and soon discover other connections.
book jacket
by Chris Crowe
In Mississippi in 1955, a sixteen-year-old finds himself at odds with his grandfather over issues surrounding the kidnapping and murder of a fourteen-year-old African American from Chicago.
book jacket
by Christopher Paul Curtis
In 1859, eleven-year-old Elijah Freeman, the first free-born child in Buxton, Canada, uses his wits to bring to justice the lying preacher who has stolen money that was to be used to buy a family's freedom.
book jacket
by Silvana De Mari
Struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world after his village is destroyed, the earth's last elf must embark on a perilous quest to decipher a powerful prophecy.
book jacket
by Jeanne DuPrau
In the year 241, twelve-year-old Lina trades jobs on Assignment Day to be a Messenger to run to new places in her decaying but beloved city, perhaps even to glimpse Unknown Regions.
book jacket
by K.L Going
In Georgia during the summer of 1976, Gabriel, a white boy who is being bullied, and Frita, an African American girl who is facing prejudice, decide to overcome their many fears together.
book jacket
by Shannon Hale
While attending a strict academy for potential princesses with the other girls from her mountain village, fourteen-year-old Miri discovers unexpected talents and connections to her homeland.
book jacket
by Frances Hardinge
Mosca Mye and her homicidal goose Saracen travel to the city of Mandelion on the heels of smooth-talking con-man Eponymous Clent.
book jacket
by Lisa Harkrader
Uncoordinated Kansas seventh-grader Kirby Nickel braves his coach's ire and becomes captain of the basketball team to prove that NBA star Brett McGrew is the father he has never known.
book jacket
by Ann Jaramillo
When fifteen-year-old Miguel's time finally comes to leave his Mexican village, cross the border, and join his parents in California, his younger sister's determination to join him imperils them both.
book jacket
by Linda Johns

Twelve-year-old Hannah moves into the swanky Belltown Towers in downtown Seattle, where a stolen piece of artwork pulls her into the thriving art scene and on the trail of a thief.

book jacket
by Karen Karbo
A thirteen-year-old girl in Portland, Oregon, loses all self-doubt when she is zapped by lightning and uses her newfound courage to solve a murder mystery.
book jacket
by Linda Lowery Keep
Having moved temporarily from Michigan to live with her grandmother in Mexico, twelve-year-old Hayley sorts out her feelings about her parents' separation while also helping some townsmen.
book jacket
by Peg Kehret
Apprehensive about spending the summer, twelve-year-old Josh soon finds adventure when he meets the ghost of a coal miner.
book jacket
by Kathryn Lasky
Grank raises the royal chick named Hoole deep in the forest, but when an evil warlord attempts to lure Hoole away to kill him, Grank brings Hoole to Beyond the Beyond, a strange land.
book jacket
by Mike Lupica
Thirteen-year-old Danny must prove himself all over again for a disapproving coach and against new rivals at a summer basketball camp.
book jacket
by Lauren Myracle
Seventh-grader Alli inadvertently arrives on the first day of school with underwear static-clinging partly outside her pant leg.
book jacket
by Shelley Pearsall
When Rebecca Carter's father brings a Native American accused of murder into their 1812 settlement town, Rebecca struggles with the idea that an innocent man may be convicted and sentenced to death.
book jacket
by Gary Schmidt
Dragged into the political turmoil of a presidential election year, fourteen-year-old Cooper Jewett, who runs a New Hampshire dairy farm since his grandfather's death, stands up for himself.
book jacket
by Brian Selznick
When twelve-year-old Hugo, an orphan living within the walls of a Paris train station in 1931, meets a mysterious toy seller and his goddaughter, his life and secret are jeopardized.
book jacket
by Sheth Kashmira
When twelve-year-old Seema moves to Iowa City with her parents and younger sister, she leaves friends and family behind in her native India but gradually begins to feel at home in her new country.
book jacket
by Denise Vega
Seventh-grader Erin Swift writes about her friends and classmates in her private blog, but when it accidentally gets posted on the school website, she learns some important lessons about friendship.
book jacket
by Patricia Wrede
Bored with traditional palace life, a princess goes off to live with a group of dragons and soon becomes involved with fighting against disreputable wizards.
book jacket
by Steve Young
Seventh-grader Casey Little is always late until he discovers a magic watch that takes him back in time, a trick he uses both on and off the football field.

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