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Graphic Novels for Kids

Click on the links below to find out if these books are available at your local County Library. If not, place them on hold, and they'll be delivered to your Library where you can pick them up.

book jacket
by Harry Bliss
A young boy’s fascination with pigeons soon leads to a wild chase through New York City. Kindergarten – Grade 2.
book jacket
by Frank Cammuso
After a genie grants Otto’s wish to turn the whole world orange, Otto realizes that his favorite color is not the best color for everything. Grades 1-3.
book jacket
by Eoin Colfer
A twelve-year-old genius tries to restore his family fortune by capturing a fairy and demanding a ransom in gold, causing the fairies to fight back with magic, technology, and a particularly nasty troll. Grades 5 and up
book jacket
by Eleanor Davis
Stinky, a monster that lives in a swamp, gets upset when a boy named Nick starts hanging around his swamp and decides to scare Nick away. Preschool – Grade 3.
book jacket
by Nicolas Debon
This is the true story of a weight lifter who astounded audiences in North America and Europe with his amazing feats of strength. Grades 2-4.
book jacket
by Jimmy Gownley
Amelia moves from Manhattan to a small town after her parent’s divorce and gathers together a group of fourth-grade friends known as G.A.S.P. (Gathering of Awesome Super Pals). Grades 3-5.
book jacket
by Alan Grant
A retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic story: David Balfour is kidnapped by his villainous uncle, escapes and then becomes involved in the struggle of the Scottish highlanders against English rule. Grades 5 and up.
book jacket
by Emmanuel Guibert
Sardine and Captain Yellow Shoulder sail a ship across the universe and meet up with monsters and aliens as they confront Supermuscleman, who is trying to take over the galaxy. Grades 3-6.
book jacket
by Shannon Hale
In this Old West retelling, Rapunzel is raised behind towering walls while she remembers a different mother in her dreams. She climbs over the wall and, using her hair as a lasso to take on outlaws, she starts a journey towards the truth. Grades 5-8.
book jacket
by Charise Mericle Harper
After a stack of fashion magazines falls on Kiki Kitty’s head, she turns into Fashion Kitty, a feline superhero who saves other kitties from fashion disaster. Grades 3-7.
book jacket
by Geoffrey Hayes
Two mice meet their new neighbor and discover that she is not as scary as they feared. Preschool-grade 2.
book jacket
by Jennifer Holm and Matthew Holm
An imaginative mouse dreams of being queen of the world, but will settle for an invitation to the most popular girl's slumber party. Grades 2-5.
book jacket
by Anthony Horowitz
On a routine mission at the Wimbledon tennis championships, reluctant teenage spy Alex Rider gets caught up in Chinese gangs, illegal nuclear weapons, and the suspect plans of his Russian host, General Sarov. Grades 5-8.
book jacket
by Jarrett Krosoczka
The school lunch lady is a secret crime fighter who uncovers an evil plot to replace all the popular teachers with robots. Grades 2-5.
book jacket
by Jeff Limke
Henry, Jesse, Violet, and Benny Alden take a trip down the Mississippi River and stay in a haunted cabin. Is there a ghost in the cabin? Grades 3-7.
book jacket
by Jason Lutes
As Houdini prepares for a death-defying leap into the icy Charles River in Boston, we see a bit about his public and private life and learn the secret behind his most amazing trick. Grade 5 and up.
book jacket
by Matt Phelan
In 1937, Jack faces the everyday challenges of having to live in the dry Dust Bowl during troubled times. Then one day, Jack sees a menacing figure in an abandoned barn and must find the courage to confront a sinister enemy. Grades 4-6.
book jacket
by Aaron Renier
In order to save his ailing grandfather from a curse, boy inventor Walker Bean must return an accursed pearl skull to the witches who created it, and face pirates, magical machines, and deadly peril along the way. Grades 4 and up.
book jacket
by Aaron Reynolds
Joey Fly has to deal with a stolen diamond pencil, a mosquito witness who won’t talk, and a clumsy scorpion assistant. Grade 3 and up.
book jacket
by Andy Runton
Owly is a cute and kindly little owl who just wants to make friends with other animals in the forest. Grades 3-5.
book jacket
by P. Craig Russell
An adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel about a girl who ventures through a mysterious door into a parallel, but very creepy, world. Grade 3 and up.
book jacket
by Siena Cherson Siegel
Even after she was diagnosed with flat feet, a little girl decides to take ballet lessons and eventually is accepted to the American School of Ballet. Grades 3-8.
book jacket
by Peter Sís
The acclaimed author/illustrator shares what it was like to grow up in Cold War–era Prague. Grade 3 and up.
book jacket
by Jeff Smith
Fone Bone and his brothers are run out of Boneville, become separated in the wilds, and then find each other again in a hidden valley that is full of secrets. Grades 4-7.
book jacket
by Kean Soo
Portia moves to a new neighborhood and has trouble making friends until she finds a purple monster in her backyard. Grade 4 and up.
book jacket
by James Sturm
Satchel played in the Negro Leagues in the 1920’s and although the Jim Crow laws kept him out of the major leagues, they couldn’t stop him from becoming a world-class athlete. Grade 5 and up.
book jacket
by Bob Temple
Willy, Grace, and Tom all decide to make their mom great Mother’s Day presents. But when the presents are painting a room, washing the dog, and making cookies, chaos and a huge mess results. Grades 3-5.
book jacket
by Sara Varon
Can a dog and a robot be friends? Explore what friendship means in this wordless graphic novel. Grade 3 and up.
book jacket
by Don Wood
While their parents are away doing research, two brothers go with their cousin to Kokalaha Island where they become trapped in an erupting volcano. Grades 5-8.