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Libraries & Librarians in Books for Kids & Teens

These library-related fiction and nonfiction books for kids and teens range from inspiring true stories to fantastical adventures.

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Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library by Chris Grabenstein

Famous game designer Luigi Lemoncello has built the library of every bookworm's dream and chosen twelve kids to participate in a lock-in where they play games and compete to be the first one to escape the library. A fun, kid-friendly romp full of charming library & book references as well puzzles readers can try to solve too. Also available in: eBook.

Children's Fiction, 2013

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Miss Moore Thought Otherwise: How Anne Carroll Moore Created Libraries for Children by Jan Pinborough

Once upon a time, American children couldn't borrow library books. Reading wasn't all that important for children, many thought. Luckily Miss Anne Carroll Moore thought otherwise! This is the true story of how Miss Moore created the first children's room at the New York Public Library, a bright, warm room filled with artwork, window seats, and most important of all, borrowing privileges to the world's best children's books in many different languages.

Children's Nonfiction, 2013

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Here Lies the Librarian by Richard Peck

In 1914 Indiana, automobile enthusiast "Peewee" McGrath discovers new possibilities for the future after four young librarians arrive to fill the position vacated by the death of the town's longtime librarian. As her headstone said, "Heaven stamped her overdue.…" Also available in: downloadable audiobook.

Children's Fiction, 2006

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The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman

New York high school student Elizabeth gets an after-school job as a page at the "New-York Circulating Material Repository," and when she gains coveted access to its Grimm Collection of magical objects, she and the other pages are drawn into a series of frightening adventures involving mythical creatures and stolen goods. Also available in: downloadable audiobook and streaming audiobook.

Teen Fiction, 2010

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Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt

Fourteen-year-old Doug Swieteck is new in town and has no friends and an abusive home life, but finds an ally in fiery Lil Spicer and a safe haven in the local library. Filled with comedy, tragedy, and inspiration. Also available in: eBook.

Children's Fiction, 2011

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Please Bury Me in the Library by J. Patrick Lewis

A collection of poems celebrating the joys of reading, books, libraries, and all things literary.

Children's Poetry, 2005

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Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians by Brandon Sanderson

On his thirteenth birthday, foster child Alcatraz Smedry receives a bag of sand which is immediately stolen by the evil Librarians who are trying to take over the world. Alcatraz is then introduced to his grandfather and his own special talent and told that he must use it to save civilization. Also available in: downloadable audiobook..

Children's Fiction, 2007

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Dash & Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan

Told in the alternating voices of Dash and Lily, two sixteen-year-olds carry on a wintry scavenger hunt at Christmas-time in New York, hiding messages for each other at their favorite bookstore before finding other creative ways to communicate. Also available in: eBook..

Teen Fiction, 2010

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Dear Miss Breed: True Stories of the Japanese-American Incarceration During WWII and a Librarian Who Made a Difference by Joanne Oppenheim

The story of life in a Japanese internment camp during World War II is demonstrated through the correspondence of the children in the camp to their librarian, Miss Clara Breed, who worked on their behalf to show the injustice of their imprisonment.

Children's Nonfiction, 2006

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Help! I'm a Prisoner in the Library by Eth Clifford

The title says it all! Two girls spend an adventurous night trapped inside a public library during a terrible blizzard.

Children's Fiction, 1979

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The Librarian Who Measured the Earth by Kathryn Lasky

This colorfully illustrated biography describes the life and work of Eratosthenes, the Greek geographer and astronomer who accurately measured the circumference of the Earth.

Children's Nonfiction, 1994

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Steinbeck's Ghost by Lewis Buzbee

Unhappy after his parents move to a weird subdivision and become workaholics, thirteen-year-old Travis returns to his old Salinas neighborhood and becomes actively involved in saving the John Steinbeck Library and, at the same time, becomes involved in a mystery surrounding John Steinbeck.

Children's Fiction, 2008

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The Librarian of Basra: A True Story from Iraq by Jeanette Winter

The true story of how Alia Baker, the librarian of the Basra Library, and her friends managed to save the books of the library before the library was burned to the ground during the 2003 Iraq War.

Children's Nonfiction, 2005