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Sea Creatures = Animales Marinos

Click on the links below to find out if these books are available at your local County Library. If not, place them on hold, and they'll be delivered to your Library where you can pick them up.

book jacket
by Dr. Seuss
A poem about the activities of such unusual animals as the Nook, Wump, Yink, Yop, Gack, and the Zeds. Un poema en cuento sobre las actividades de animales inusual como el Nook, Wump, Yink, Yop, Gack, y los Zeds.
book jacket
by Alexandra Parsons
Explores the habitats, behavior, and anatomy of such sea creatures as the barnacle, starfish, and shark. Explora los habitos, comportamiento, y anotoma de animales del mar tal como los percebe, estrella del mar y el tiburn.
book jacket
by Jane Burton
Examines the variety (10) of life found on coral reefs, including the seahorse, hermit crab, and sea slug. Examina la variedad (10) de vida encontrada en la arrecife de coral, incluyendo el caballo del mar, cangrejo ermitao, y la babosa del mar.
book jacket
by Kristin Joy Pratt
Going through the alphabet, you learn about sea animals from Angelfish to Zebrafish. Atraves del alfabeto, aprende sobre los animals del ocano desde el pez ngel al pez cebra.
book jacket
by Barbara Knox
Simple text describes the activities of various ocean animals, from one sea star to ten crabs. Con el uso de simple texto describe las actividades de varios animales del oceano, desde una estrella del mar a diez cangrejos.
book jacket
by Katy Muzik
Plants and animals living in the deep sea are beautifully illustrated and explained in brief. Plantas y animales viviendo en el mar profundo son bellamente illustrados y explicados en breve.
book jacket
by Sheila Sweeny Higginson
Diego hears a squeak and knows that an animal needs rescuing! It's a baby manatee. Not only do Diego and Alicia reunite the baby manatee with its mom, they help find these sea creatures a safe new home. Diego escucha un chirrido y sabe que un animal necesita rescate! Es un manat. No solamente Diego y Alicia reunen el beb manat con su mam, sino ayudan a estas creaturas del mar encontrar un nuevo hogar.
book jacket
by Melvin Berger
Uses a submarine trip to the bottom of the sea to introduce various deep-sea creatures, including the angler fish, octopus, and sperm whale. Un viaje al hondo del mar introduce varios tipos de animales, incluyendo el pez angler, el pulpo, y la ballena cachalote.
book jacket
by Terry J. Jennings
An introduction to the animal life of the sea and seashore. Includes study questions, activities, and experiments. Una Introduccin a la vida del mar y la costa. Incluye preguntas, actividades, y experimentos.
book jacket
by Lola M. Schaefer
Basic introduction to jellyfish such as their habitat, diet, and physical features. Inlcluded is a short quiz naming the parts to the jellyfish. Una introduccin a la medusa sobre su hbitat, dieta, y aspectos fsicos. Incluyido hay una pequea prueba sobre las partes de la medusa.
book jacket
by Marcus Pfister
The most beautiful fish in the entire ocean discovers the real value of personal beauty and friendship. El pez ms hermoso del ocano discubre el valor de la belleza y amistad.
book jacket
by Marcus Pfister
When a big blue whale comes to live near their reef, there is a misunderstanding between him and Rainbow Fish and his friends that leaves everyone very unhappy and hungry. Cuando una ballena azul viene a vivir cerca de su arrecife de coral, hay un malentendido entre l y el Pez Arcoiris y sus amigos cual deja a todos muy descontentos y hambrientos.
book jacket
by Marcus Pfister
Penguin Pete takes a ride on the back of Walter the whale and makes a variety of new friends. El Pingino Pedro da una vuelta sobre la espalda de la ballena Walter y hace muchos nuevos amigos.
book jacket
by Sarah Perry
Illustrations present such imaginative possibilities as worms with wheels, caterpillar toothpaste, and whales in outer space. Ilustraciones presentan posibilidades imaginativas como gusanos sobre ruedas, pasta de dientes de oruga, y ballenas en el espacio.