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Liquid Lit

Click on the links below to find out if these books are available at your local County Library. If not, place them on hold, and they'll be delivered to your Library where you can pick them up.

book jacket
by Alice Hoffman
A love-struck mermaid named Aquamarine supplies adventure and insights to two twelve-year-old girls, life-long friends who are spending their last summer together before one of them moves away. Grades 4+
book jacket
by Dale Peck
Sent to stay with their uncle in a ship-like home called Drift House, twelve-year-old Susan and her stepbrothers embark on an adventure involving duplicitous mermaids, pirates, and an attempt to stop time forever. Grades 4-8
book jacket
by Julie Bertagna
Fifteen-year-old Mara discovers the existence of New World sky cities just in time as her island home of Wing is about to be covered by water, and convinces her people to travel to one of these cities in order to save themselves. Grades 9+
book jacket
by Alice Hoffman
Thirteen-year-old Martha and her best friends nicknamed Trout and Eel for their fishy tendencies and webbed fingers and toes, long to escape from their dull, dry town. A fierce storm interrupts their journey and helps them begin to answer their questions about who they are "at the deepest core"--and who they will become. Grades 5-8
book jacket
by Nancy Farmer
Two years after their adventures in The Land of the Silver Apples, the apprentice bard Jack and his Viking companion Thorgil confront the malevolent spirit of a vengeful mermaid and begin a quest that casts them among the fin folk of Notland. Grades 5-9
book jacket
by Beth Mayall
Lucia and her sister run a public bath that's all the rage, but they have a secret. They are mermaid princesses! Graphic Novel series for teens.
book jacket
by Paul Zindel
While helping a beautiful Aboriginal girl search for her people's missing treasure near the Great Barrier Reef, seventeen-year-old PC finds himself fighting an evil scientist and a deadly underwater monster. Grades 6-9
book jacket
by Laurie Brooks
When sixteen-year-old Elin Jean finds a seal pelt hidden at home and realizes that her mother is actually a selkie, she returns the pelt to her mother, only to find her life taking many unexpected turns. Grades 6-9
book jacket
by Donna Jo Napoli
When the mermaid, Sirena, rescues a human man from the sea and they fall in love, the gods grant her immortality. But when he is called to defend Greece in the Trojan War, his mortality creates great conflict between love and honor. Grades 8+
book jacket
by Robin McKinley and Peter Dickinson
Six fantasy stories steeped in the lore of merfolk and creatures of the sea. Grades 5-9