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Hot off the press - New Teen Fiction - April 2013

Brand new titles just ordered for the library. Publication dates and staff notes too! :-)

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  • The Deepest Night by Shana Abe     8/13/2013
    paranormal romance, historical, WWI, dragons, powers, Drakon series bk 2
  • Shutdown by Heather Anastasiu     7/2/2013
    science fiction, government control, psychic, dystopian, resistance, conclusion Glitch Bk 3
  • A Moment Comes by Jennifer Bradbury     6/25/2013
    historical, 1947, India, social issues, coming of age, racial tolerance
  • Born of Illusion by Teri Brown     6/11/2013
    paranormal, magic, historical, New York, powers, 1920's, new series
  • The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson     8/27/2013
    fantasy, action adventure, royalty, romance, sorcerer, conclusion Girl of Fire & Thorns bk 3
  • You Look Different in Real Life by Jennifer Castle     6/4/2013
    social issues, film production, New York
  • The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau     6/4/2013
    science fiction, dystopian, post-war, university exam, romance, new series
  • Winds of Salem by Melissa De la Cruz     8/13/2013
    fantasy, paranormal romance, magic, time travel, witches, Salem, Beauchamp Family conclusion bk 3
  • Tempest Revealed by Tracy Deebs     6/4/2013
    fantasy, paranormal, mermaids, royalty, romance, civil war, Tempest Maguire conclusion bk 3
  • Dirty Little Secret by Jennifer Echols     7/16/2013
    romance, sisters, fame, music
  • Zombies Don't Forgive by Rusty Fischer     4/1/2013
    horror, revenge, romance, Living Dead Love Story bk 2
  • The Lost Sun by Tessa Gratton     6/25/2013
    fantasy, mythology, Norse, missing person, powers, action adventure, United States of Asgard bk 1
  • Stormbringers by Philippa Gregory; Fred Van Deelen     6/4/2013
    historical, crusades, good vs. evil, Italy, 1453, romance, quest, Order of Darkness bk 2
  • Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins     4/30/2013
    fantasy, angels, demons, romance, good vs. evil, Sweet Trilogy bk 2
  • Elegy by Amanda Hocking     8/6/2013
    fantasy, curse, sirens, romance, Watersong conclusion bk 4
  • Elegy by Tara Hudson     6/4/2013
    romance, paranormal, good vs. evil, Hereafter conclusion bk 3
  • Abandon: A Possession Novel by Elana Johnson     6/4/2013
    science fiction, dystopian, resistance, action adventure, romance, Possession conclusion bk 3
  • False Sight by Dan Krokos     8/13/2013
    science fiction, memory, genetic engineering, action adventure, False Memory bk 2
  • The Cadet of Tildor by Alex Lidell     1/10/2013
    fantasy, medieval, mages, kidnapping, romance, politics, crime, gladiators, soldiers, debut
  • Ashes on the Waves by Mary Lindsey     6/27/2013
    fantasy, paranormal, gothic romance, Edgar Allan Poe's poem
  • After Daybreak: A Darkness Before Dawn Novel by J. A. London     6/25/2013
    paranormal, romance, vampires, Darkness Before Dawn conclusion bk 3
  • In the After by Demitria Lunetta     6/25/2013
    science fiction, aliens, invasion, post-apocalyptic, survival, debut
  • Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas     8/27/2013
    fantasy, royalty, assassins, action adventure, Throne of Glass bk 2
  • SYLO by D. J. Machale     7/2/2013
    thriller, action adventure, U.S. Navy, disease, survival, new series
  • All Our Pretty Songs by Sarah Mccarry     7/30/2013
    paranormal, myths, friends, music, romance, Pacific Northwest, debut
  • Far Far Away by Tom McNeal     6/11/2013
    paranormal, fairy tale, ghosts
  • The Shade of the Moon: Life As We Knew It Series, Book 4 by Susan Beth Pfeffer     8/13/2013
    post-apocalyptic, dystopian, social issues, grief, natural disaster, survival, Tennessee
  • Rules of Summer by Joanna Philbin     6/4/2013
    romance, friendship
  • Another Little Piece by Kate Karyus Quinn     6/11/2013
    horror, paranormal, curse, amnesia, debut
  • Phoenix: A Black City Novel by Elizabeth Richards     6/4/2013
    fantasy, social issues, romance, war Black City bk 2
  • Seven Minutes in Heaven by Sara Shepard     7/30/2013
    mystery, secrets, romance, Lying Game bk 6
  • Crushed by Sara Shepard     6/4/2013
    romance, secrets, mystery, Pretty Little Liars bk 13
  • Trinkets by Kirsten Smith     3/12/2013
    social issues, shoplifting
  • Star Cursed by Jessica Spotswood     6/18/2013
    fantasy, New England, 1900, alternate history, magic, Cahill Witch Chronicles bk 2
  • How (Not) to Find a Boyfriend by Allyson Valentine     6/13/2013
    romance, self-esteem, cheerleading, social issues, high school, dating, debut
  • Stung by Bethany Wiggins     4/2/2013
    dystopian, post-apocalyptic, disease, survival, romance, violence
  • Boy Nobody by Allen Zadoff     6/11/2013
    assassins, high school, action adventure, new series