Nancy Williams

An “almost Topanga native,” Nancy Williams moved to Topanga in 1949 at the age of 7 and has lived here most of her life. In the sixties she studied art in San Francisco and sold her work out of Ansel Adams’ Best Studio in the High Sierras. She set her artwork aside while she and her husband raised their two sons Eric and Brian, and she was active in community work.


Topanga Fire

In the 1980s she took up her art again, focusing on watercolor as her favored medium. In 1992 she helped organize the Topanga Canyon Gallery and has served on its board since. She describes her art subjects as “One hundred percent Topanga scenes.” She is now married to John Williams and retired from her work as an administrative assistant to the President of Pepperdine University. Currently, she devotes her energy to painting, with particular attention paid to favorite locations such as the winding Topanga Canyon Boulevard, and Old Canyon when the the sycamores are in fall color.

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Filmed June 25, 2013 at Topanga Library

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Leaning outhouse of the cabin on Robinson Rd., Topanga

Leaning outhouse of the cabin on Robinson Rd in Topanga, 1949.

Nancy smiling on the fallen oak tree with father & brothers

Nancy smiling on the fallen oak tree with father & brothers, 1960.


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