Rose Wiley

Rose Wiley, Topanga’s eldest native, lives on a 10 acre portion of the homestead granted to her grandparents Francisco and Manuela Trujillo in 1899. Born in 1931 to Francisco and Manuela’s son Dolores and his wife Cornelia, Rose attended school in Topanga and Canoga Park and later married Bob Wiley who had come to Topanga to live with his father while he went to school by way of the G.I. Bill. In 1957 they purchased 10 acres of the remaining Trujillo homestead where they raised six children: Marguerite, Robert, David, Laura, John, and James.

Picture of house on Trujillo RanchNow a widow, Rose lives in the house that she and Bob built where she is visited by her many children and grandchildren. Active and well-known in the community, a Topanga Historical Society Life member, and blessed with an excellent memory, Rose is the “go-to” person for questions about Topanga history.

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Filmed April 20, 2013 at Trujillo Ranch

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Dolores Trujillo sitting on the footsteps of the old house in Topanga

Dolores Trujillo at old house in Topanga, 1952.

Picture of Trujillo Ranch iron gate

Trujillo Ranch iron gate, 2003.


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