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Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi 150 150 LA County Library

Free Wi-Fi

We are now offering Free Wi-Fi in our parking lots at participating libraries.

Visit one of our participating library locations and use your device to get connected for email, school, work, and more!

Getting connected is simple.

    1. Park in a library parking spot
    2. Bring a Wi-Fi enabled device
    3. Connect to­ CountyLibraryWiFi
    4. Read and accept the Wi-Fi Policy
    5. Close and reopen your browser

Funding for this project has been provided by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

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Printing Pickup

Using our wireless printing service from Smart Alec, you can send a print job from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device to your local library and either pick up inside or arrange a no contact pick up.

Print up to 10 free pages per day (black & white). Subsequent copies or prints cost $0.15 per page. Staff cannot selectively print individual pages from within a multi-page document, so be sure to upload only the pages you want to print.

For more information, please visit our Wireless Printing page or see the FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wi-Fi FAQs

1. Do I need a library card to access free Wi-Fi at the participating libraries?

You do not need to have a library card to connect to our Wi-Fi. If you would like to sign-up for a library card, please visit any of our Sidewalk Service libraries.

2. Do I need a car to use Wi-Fi at the participating libraries?

You do not need a car to use the Wi-Fi outside the participating libraries. If you do not have a car, find a place to sit within 25 feet of the library while ensuring you are keeping at least 6 feet distance from those around you. Masks are required if you are sitting outside.

3. Is Wi-Fi access filtered?

Yes, Wi-Fi access is filtered for all users by order of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Filtering cannot be removed.

4. What do I do if I cannot connect?

Library staff can confirm that the wireless network is functioning properly and give basic assistance. Call the library location you are parked at for assistance. Staff cannot assist in setting up personal laptops or devices to work with Wi-Fi.

Sidewalk Service FAQs
1. What if my local library is not listed above?

We are still working to add more locations so please check back on this page for updates. Those interested in picking up materials from a Sidewalk Service location that is not their local library should call for assistance.

2. I returned items to the library yesterday and they are still on my account.

We are following Department of Public Health guidelines and are setting materials aside to quarantine for at least four (4) full days. After the quarantine is over, items will be checked in and removed from your account.

3. How do I arrange pickup if I am deaf or hard-of-hearing?

For customers who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, please send an email to Ask A Librarian at least 2 business days before you want to pick up your holds. Be sure to identify the Sidewalk Service Library you are using. We’ll forward the request to staff at that library who will contact you by email and make pickup arrangements directly with you.

4. What about evening and weekend hours?

All Sidewalk Service locations now offer evening pickup on Tuesdays, and 33 locations offer pickup on Saturdays. Please see the list of libraries above for details.

5. I placed a hold before you closed. Is it still valid?

Yes! Customers with existing holds will be notified of availability.

6. How do I place a new hold?

New holds can be placed starting June 8 using our online catalog or over the phone.

7. If I don’t have a mobile phone, how do I alert library staff that I’m at the library?

If you do not have access to a mobile phone, please call before coming to the library to arrange a timed pick up. Library staff will have your holds out on the table at the designated time and will leave the items on the table for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, staff will return the items to the library for safe-keeping. If you miss your pick up time, please call library staff to arrange another time.

8. I have 15 items waiting for me but I don’t want all of them right now. Can I choose what to pick up?

Yes, you may choose specific items to pick up. Please call the library and tell staff which items you’ve selected for pickup before you come to the library.

Printing Pickup FAQs

1. Will I be able to enter the library to print my items?

You may enter the library to print if the library has reopened. If a library is open for Sidewalk Service only, you will need to call and arrange a no contact pick up.

2. Will I need to call ahead to pick up my documents?

Only if you are arranging a pick up using Sidewalk Service. Staff will confirm over the phone that your print job was sent successfully and will then arrange a time for you to pick up your items.

3. What do I need to do to have documents printed at the library?

You’ll need a library card or digital library card in good standing in order to have documents printed. You will also need to visit our Wireless Printing page for the printing link or download the SmartAlec app to print from a mobile device. Once you upload your document, you will either need to use a print station at an open library to print your items, or call the library and provide them with your library card number so staff can retrieve your print job from the print station inside the library and arrange a pickup time. Documents will be placed in an envelope for privacy and delivered using Sidewalk Service. Staff will not be able to discuss your print job during the pick-up process so if you have questions or concerns please call the library and speak to staff over the phone.

4. What hours will this service be available?

Printing Pickup is available during open library hours.

5. I don’t feel comfortable letting staff print my private documents. Are there any other options for me to print?

You can print your own items by visiting one of our open library locations.

6. It would be so much easier if I could just send the document I want to print via an email attachment. Can I do that?

In order to keep submitted documents as confidential as possible, we use the SmartAlec app, which automatically converts print files to PDF and deletes them 24 hours after they are uploaded. This automatic process is not available through regular library email accounts, and we will not print documents submitted in this way.

7. I need more than 10 pages a day. Is there any way I can add funds to print more than 10 pages?

Additional pages may be printed at any open library location. Subsequent copies or prints cost $0.15 per page. Printing additional pages is not available at Sidewalk Service locations.

8. My printouts don’t look right. How can I have them reprinted?

Staff cannot discuss printing issues during the pick-up process. Please call the library for reprinting options.

9. I don’t have a computer, but need things printed. Can library staff print items for me?

Staff at the library can print items from publicly accessible websites for customers as part of regular library reference service (limit of 10 pages per day). We are, however, unable to print items from personal accounts (such as a customer’s personal email).

10. I need copies - is there any way staff can make copies for me?

Copy machines are available at open library locations. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to make copies for customers at Sidewalk Service locations. If you need multiple copies of a print job, please let staff know when you call. Staff can make multiple copies if it does not exceed 10 pages per day.