Richard “Dick” Sherman

Picture of Richard Sherman with green background

An Ohio transplant, Richard Sherman arrived in Topanga in 1963, worked for Rocketdyne until 1968, and then for local contractor Karl Ingram. In 1970 he received his general contractor’s license and started Topanga Unlimited (later changed to Topanga Underground), specializing in designing and installing septic systems, water mains and underground utilities.

A hardworking, successful business man who enjoyed play along with work, Dick often ended his work days at one of the local drinking establishments in the company of Topanga’s “working stiffs,” many of whom he employed. A confirmed bachelor for many years he is now married to Lynn, his high school sweetheart. Dick still sends out his fleet of distinctive chartreuse colored Topanga Underground vans.

  • Richard’s story

Filmed June 28, 2013 at Topanga Library