Tell Your True Tale at Your Library is a project of the County of Los Angeles Public Library.

Writer’s Workshops are led by author/journalist Sam Quinones. Mr. Quinones is journalist and the author of three acclaimed nonfiction books about Mexico and Mexican immigration. He is also a writing coach. Through his Tell Your True Tale writing workshops, he helps new writers find and tell the stories of their own lives or of those closest to them.


volume 1 book cover
Volume 1
Writer’s Workshop at East Los Angeles Library
Published 2014

Introduction by Sam Quinones
Two Trips Home by Andrew L. Ramirez
Carmen by Jacqueline Gonzalez Reyes
Song for the Living by Diego Renteria
When Manny Met Angie by Manuel Chaidez
Black Palace by Olivia Segura
On the 194 by Joanne Mestaz
Cardboard Box Dreams by Celia Viramontes

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volume2Volume 2
Writer’s Workshop at East Los Angeles Library
Published 2015

Introduction by Sam Quinones
The Garage by C. J. Salgado
In The Company of Memories by Eric Franco Aguilar
The Mural by Louie Flores
Stepping Foot on the Moon by Susanna Whitmore
Brushes Were Forbidden by Ondrej Franek
A Spiritual Misfortune by Julio Navarro
Bending Branches by Olivia Segura
Leaving Tijuana by Brian Rivera

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tytt3coverVolume 3
Writer’s Workshop at East Los Angeles Library
Published June 2015

Introduction by Sam Quinones
A Walk Up The Street by Jose Nunez
Warrior In The Fields by Fabiola Manriquez
Blinded By The Light by Susanna Whitmore
Every Day I Love You More by Brian Rivera
GO! GO! GO! by Louie Flores
The Homecoming by Araceli Lerma
Strong Arms by C. J. Salgado

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Volume 4 CoverVolume 4
Writer’s Workshop at East Los Angeles Library
Published October 2015

Introduction by Sam Quinones
10 by Sarah Alvarado
Miracle Man by Milton Alex Chi
Charro of Caratacua by C.J. Salgado
Warrior of East L.A. by Fabiola Manriquez
A Piece of Myself by Susanna (Whitmore) Fránek
A Crossing One Day by Brian Rivera
White Avenue by Anika Malone
Reflections by Olivia Segura

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Volume 5 CoverVolume 5
Writer’s Workshop at East Los Angeles Library
Published January 2016

Introduction by Sam Quinones
Made in the U.S.A. by Jian Huang
The Dress by Rita J. Ray
The Toolbox by C. J. Salgado
Taxi Dancer by Cecelia Flores
Red Dust And All by Felecia Howell
Un Mitote Mas by Miguel Roura
Tia by Sarah Alvarado
“Okay, Dad” by Jasmine De Haro
Echoes From the Past by Fabiola Manriquez
Daryoush, VJ, Simón and Al by Susanna (Whitmore) Franék
Bracero’s Hands by Celia Viramontes
Bringing Luz by Sylvia Castañeda

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Sunkist CoverVolume 6
Writer’s Workshop at Sunkist Library
Published April 2016

Introduction by Sam Quinones
Finding Jerry by Peggy Adams
The Lesson by Andrew Ramirez
Blue Serpent by Maria Fernandez
The Tracks Home by Celia Viramontes
Hard Not To Say Goodbye by Trace Richardson
Not the Way I Once Believed by Gladys Ruacho
Entrepreneur by Lena Solis-Aguilera
341 by CJ Salgado
Alice by Sarah Alvarado
Pórtate Bien by Sylvia Castañeda
Savannah St. by Jasmine De Haro
The Rabbit Died by Rita J. Ray
Heart of Roberto by Monique Quintero
Fairy Tales by Jian Huang


Volume 7 cover

Volume 7
Writer’s Workshop
Published 2016

Introduction by Sam Quinones
Padrino by Lena Solis-Aguilera
Manifest Destiny by Jian Huang
Aureliano and Esther by Maria Fernandez
Smoke Screen by Peggy Adams
Toque de Chicharra by Miguel Roura
Fruits of Labor by Celia Viramontes
Crazies In The Hood by Susanna (Whitmore) Fránek
Heaven Knows by Fabiola Manriquez
Sonias by Sarah Alvarado
My Okasan by Felecia Howell
Fire by C.J. Salgado
Susana by Sylvia Castañeda
¡Ay Te Wacho! by Anonymous


Volume 8 CoverVolume 8
Writer’s Workshop
November 2017

Introduction by Sam Quinones
City in Flames by Cristian Vasquez
Desert Sea by Jessica Gonzalez
La Curandera by Monique Quintero
Birds by Jian Huang
Buddy and Dean by David Fallon
End of the Dance by Susanna (Whitmore) Fránek
Mabe’s Dream by Tené Harris
Sounds of Home by Celia Viramontes
Warrior Daughter by Fabiola Manriquez
A Leaf in the Wind by Sylvia Castañeda